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He put her to bed, he said, and summoned the hotel doctor. Some witnesses told a hoarier tale. The hefty film star, they said, had raped year-old Rappe with a bottle and crushed her with his girth during the act. Rappe died three days later of peritonitis caused by a ruptured bladder. Based on the salacious accusations, Arbuckle was tried three times for murder.

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The last produced an innocence verdict - but the damage was done. He was blackballed in Hollywood and died at 46 of a heart attack in Ferri killed eight and injured six before turning the gun on himself. For those seeking answers, there were few. As a result of the mass shooting, the state of California enacted even tougher gun laws and repealed a law that gave gun manufacturers immunity against lawsuits. Here, commander Richard Holder holds the gun that Ferri used to kill himself.

Huey P. His group became notorious for its militancy and armed shows of force. On August 22, , Newton was leaving a crack house in West Oakland when he was confronted and shot to death by a year-old drug dealer. His last words before being shot were allegedly: "You can kill my body, but you can't kill my soul.

My soul will live forever. Hearst was kept locked away in a closet in an apartment near the University of San Francisco until April 15 when she emerged, gun in hand, to help her captors hold up the Hibernia Bank. Patty Hearst was arrested on robbery charges in Her attorneys argued she had Stockholm syndrome, but the jury found her guilty.

Her sentence was commuted by President Jimmy Carter in and she was later given a full pardon by President Clinton. Kevin Collins , the year-old boy who disappeared on his way home from basketball practice in Kevin was last seen sitting on a bus bench at Oak Street and Masonic Avenue at p. Despite a nationwide hunt and a cover story in Newsweek magazine, no solid suspect has ever emerged. Harvey Milk along with Mayor George Moscone. That night, an impromptu candlelight vigil of tens of thousands started in the Castro and marched to City Hall. In death, Milk became the enduring symbol for gay rights; he was awarded a posthumous Presidential Medal of Freedom in for his contributions to the gay rights movement.

Long before President Obama became famous for invoking hope, Milk spoke on the same subject. And if you help elect to the central committee and other offices, more gay people, that gives a green light to all who feel disenfranchised, a green light to move forward. It means hope to a nation that has given up, because if a gay person makes it, the doors are open to everyone. Your Black Muslim Bakery. The bakery, founded in the late s by Yusuf Bey, had for decades represented black entrepreneurship in North and West Oakland.

Politicians recognized it as a community force; Jerry Brown once gave a stump speech there. There were kidnappings, disappearances, murders and allegations of abuse and rape enacted upon the young women who worked at the bakery. Yusuf Bey IV seen here was convicted of three counts of first-degree murder in and sentenced to life in prison. The bakery was renovated and now houses several different stores in its former compound.

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Scott Peterson trial was one of them. The bodies of Laci and her fetus washed up on the shore in Richmond in April and Scott Peterson was arrested days later. In , he was sentenced to death. He is currently on death row at San Quentin. Click through this slideshow to see the most infamous Bay Area crimes. He fled on foot, and Lake was arrested for shoplifting. While in custody, Lake killed himself by swallowing a cyanide capsule, but investigators soon turned up evidence linking him and Ng to a series of missing-persons cases -- and then to this cabin in Wilseyville in Calaveras County.

The pair kidnapped people from all over Northern California and took them to the cabin for torture, rape and murder. They toyed with their victims, videotaping them in tears, raping them and burning them. And after killing them, Ng and Lake buried them in shallow graves around the cabin. During the six-month trial, jurors were played a videotape in which Ng told a victim, "You can cry and stuff like the rest of them, but it won't do you no good.

We're pretty coldhearted. After piling the driver and all the children into vans, they drove them miles north to Livermore, where they left the prisoners buried in a moving van in a quarry. That's when, failing to get through overloaded phone lines at the Chowchilla police station, they took a nap. When they woke up, they learned from the radio that their 27 victims had dug themselves free after 16 hours.

The abductors were nabbed and given life terms in prison, and the victims all tried to get on with their lives. For days, police frantically searched for the popular priest, but the case wasn't broken until Examiner reporter George Lynn listened to a strange man's convoluted tale. While on a visit to the archbishop's residence, Lynn ran into a year-old William A. Hightower, "a lanky, sandy-haired Texan who was dressed in a rumpled Palm Beach suit and a wide, floppy straw hat.

Lynn had the story exclusively for The Examiner the next day. Guards prevented anyone — including carrier boys — from leaving the newspaper building until the paper was printed. Hightower was convicted for the priest's murder and served 44 years in prison. In , a bomb exploded on Market Street amidst thousands of San Franciscans marching in a "Preparedness Day" parade supporting war readiness. Ten people were killed and 40 wounded. Despite a stunning lack of evidence, left-wing labor activists Tom Mooney and Warren Billings were arrested, tried and sentenced to death and life in prison, respectively.

All this despite the fact that Mooney was photographed a mile away moments before the bomb exploded. Witnesses admitted to lying under oath. And still nothing was done to free either man. It wasn't until Gov. Culbert Olson pardoned Mooney in that both men were finally freed. Billings was not given a full pardon until The true bomber was never found. On Sept. Singleton drove off, leaving Vincent to presumably bleed to death. But Vincent wasn't dead.

She managed to make her way back to the main road where she was picked up and driven to a hospital. And thankfully, she survived. Singleton was convicted of kidnap, mayhem, attempted murder, forcible rape, sodomy and forced oral copulation in , but was paroled to Contra Costa County in to great outrage. No town would let Singleton move to their community, so he served out his parole in a trailer on the San Quentin prison grounds. He died in Florida in Homicide over poached eggs.

Cook Hashiem Zayed, 59, and waitress, Helen Menicou, 47, were co-workers of over two decades, but on the morning of July 24, , Zayed decided he'd had enough. The day before, Menicou wanted to make a customer poached eggs. The couple fought, Menicou allegedly berating him in front of employees and a customer. When Zayed returned to work the next day, he said he was "going to shoot her.

Zayed was serving a year prison sentence for Menicou's murder when he died of a brain tumor in Richard Allen Davis. A twice-convicted kidnapper with a history of violence against women, the year-old thug drifted into what was then the 45,soul town of Petaluma in September , sleeping under a bridge and at a halfway house before spying year-old Polly Klaas one day. On Oct. A police bulletin sent out about Polly was so limited it didn't reach two sheriff's deputies who questioned Davis after he got his car stuck in a ditch east of Santa Rosa - with Polly temporarily stashed on a hillside nearby - and the kidnapper was free to drive north.

Somewhere along the way, he strangled the girl, then left her body beneath a heap of scrap wood in a field near Cloverdale. It was two months before detectives zeroed in on Davis and wrung a confession from him. By then the case had captivated the nation like no other before it.

Horror over the nature of Polly's end was a significant factor in the creation of reforms such as Megan's Law, which mandates public databases of sex offenders, and Amber Alert bulletins on abductions. Ramirez struck again locally when he killed year-old accountant Peter Pan in his Lake Merced home in Aug. Pan's wife survived the attack and helped identify Ramirez based on sketches from other surviving victims.

Ramirez's mugshot was circulated by police, and he was famously caught and beaten by a crowd in East Los Angeles who spotted him trying to steal a car. He died in in prison — of cancer. Her first shot barely missed. Before she could get off a second shot, an ex-marine named Oliver Wellington Sipple lunged for the revolver in her outstretched arm, causing her shot to go astray. She was released in at the age of San Francisco's Coldest Case. He was found the next day in a Walnut Creek parking lot, shot dead in his Corvette.

Almost immediately after Garnier's death, a theory emerged that his fellow cops had murdered him. Walnut Creek detectives interviewed female officers matching the description of two blondes who were reportedly seen in the area. Rumors circulated that Garnier, who had served as a vice officer, had witnessed SFPD officers engaging in untoward behavior and had to be silenced. I'm kind of ashamed of myself for not pushing more. No arrest has ever been made. For months, the former computer programmer denied knowledge of what had happened to his missing wife Nina, who disappeared on Sept.

How well do you think you know your wines? Can you spot the differences between reds? What about all whites? Join us for a fun, educational blind wine … more. One Day Bluegrass Event at Buck Stove, providing a comfortable indoor facility with seating provided in Buck Stove's outdoor living furniture. Darin … more.

Asheville is a Craft City. From the mugs we make out of local clay to the beer we brew with seasonal produce, craft is everywhere. We value the local, … more. Come join the Crafty Historian and try your hand at paper quilling. Quilling is the art of curling strips of paper into interesting designs. We will … more. Join local astronomer and author Stephan Martin on a tour of the stars and constellations of the fall night sky above the farm. A ghoulish program featuring a rare performance of the original Night on Bald Mountain, plus Elvis is in the building She will be sharing a live set full of uplifting electronic tunes.

The set will have original … more. From this land of … more. The trails of Chimney Rock are amazing, but a guided hike off-the-beaten-path can lead you to places you never knew existed! Join us for this fall … more.

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On Saturday, October 19, the resident artists at Grovewood Village will open up their studios to the public, allowing visitors to gain insight into … more. Pizza Fest to benefit Beloved House Asheville! Eat Pizza and Rock out for a good cause! Pizza … more. Grovewood Gallery will present Landscapes of Southern Appalachia, a solo exhibition of work by painter Shawn Krueger, from October 19 - December 31, … more. Fresh off the vibe and ripe in the rind. Captivating audiences with soaring two part harmony, and an … more.

The Pimp and the Dead

Do you love cars? The sounds and vibrations of the Crystal Bowls travel into the body on a cellular level to help promote healing and bring the body into a state of … more. Grab your hiking boots, a cozy sweater, a blanket or folding chair, and some hot cocoa, and head to the Buck Springs Gap overlook along the Blue Ridge … more. Trail runners or hikers looking to put in some mileage, this one is for you! Supported hiking on the beautiful 30 mile Art Loeb Trail, summitting … more.

Hi I am Vanessa McArdle! I am a hour CYT certified yoga teacher. I have been practicing yoga going on six years now and it has been an … more. In this edition we will taste and analyze our one of … more. Unique techniques of leaf manipulation will be demonstrated by Suzanne Dillingham of the Ichiyo School. Leaves can be changed beyond recognition and … more. Fifteen years ago, Nora left her husband, … more. Both artists write folk songs with EG having roots rock and … more. Four actors, live sounds effects, and original music transport you back to , when the imagination created horrors more vivid than any actually … more.

Tickets … more. Featuring stories about … more. Enjoy a 5 course, wine paired … more. Legendary live show packed with intensity from an Americana Pioneer!

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  • The multi-million selling country icon is set to embark on a tour commemorating … more. With Asheville's Heaviest … more. Gather your closest ghouls and raise money for your school! The … more. Dressing up and Dancing … more. Jenner Fox is a multi-faceted, uber-talented individual. A talented singer-songwriter hailing from Oregon and an experienced river guide. Greg Klyma … more. Good Morning Bedlam has become an innovative force in the folk scene with 11 national tours in over 42 states. Their shows are known for their … more. This year, our annual Historic Haunted House Tour will take guests back in time to discover the ghostly, spooky, and fun parts of downtown Black … more.

    Renowned classical pianist Hwa-Jin Kim will perform in concert at 7 p. The concert will … more. Known for whip-quick wit and rollicking improvisations, Sam Tallent is one of the sharpest, most original rising talents in comedy today. Fresh off … more. A live experience done Tulsa-style, with quality players … more. Our most popular group offering! A great way to make new friends and potential hiking partners while gaining more experience in the backcountry. Best … more. You're invited to the 3rd Annual Beaverdam Studio Tour! Watch the world transform from dusk to night while climbing in the trees at our Asheville Treetops Adventure Park.

    Trails will be illuminated to give … more. Like duos such as Mandolin Orange before them, … more. Jonathan Wilson returns home to North Carolina for a special acoustic performance. The Dead Tongues will open. We look forward to hosting him. Main … more. Juried art and craft fair in downtown Black Mountain featuring over fifty incredible local and regional artists. June 1st - 10am - 6pm October 26th - … more.

    Did you know we were voted 1 Festival in WNC last year!? Join us on Saturday, October 26, for our free Fall Festival! We will have live music, a … more. Speakeasy is hopping on Saturday nights! Join us each week for local performances and original tunes! Plus amazing cocktails, games and fun! Rated PG … more. And surprise: this one will be outside at … more. We invite all you guys and ghouls to come out of the shadows on the Saturday night before Halloween!

    Come howl at the moon! Costumes highly … more. Halloween in Transylvania County? How Appropriate! On Saturday, October 26th from 10 am to 5 pm we're back with our 37th Annual Halloweenfest. We'd … more.

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    October 26, 10am-4pm. Our annual Halloween family festival offers spooky arts and crafts, games and face painting, a hay maze, and educational animal … more. Deck yourself out in your best under water ware and come celebrate Halloween and our 6 year anniversary with us! We'll be slinging our infamous spicy … more.

    Community members and local vendors are … more. If you take songs from the Gospel of Jerry Garcia and originals from the heart of a songstress, and add harmonies with some gospel and blues, you've … more. In this program, Jason Rodrigue will discuss the unique characteristics, ecosystem niches, stressors, and current status of the native conifer trees … more. Celebrate leaf season in the Smoky Mountains at this free event, a family-favorite in the Nantahala Gorge.

    With activities and prizes for all ages, … more. Cash Prizes for best costumes! The Weave pop-up market Oct. The Asheville Community Band opens our season with something very special: our 40th Anniversary Celebration Concert! She has … more. Recording … more.

    Bring your Land Rover vehicle and a guest to a Land Rover Experience Center near you on October 27 to explore the unique off-road capabilities your … more. We will be featuring an array of locally made goods, … more. Looking at you, cheese lovers! Golden Fleece is extremely excited to announce that we are teaming up with Asheville's favorite cheese makers, Looking … more.

    VHS swap and sale! Join Warren Wilson College professors Jeff Keith and Kevin Kehrberg as they present on the musical legacies extending from the late nineteenth century … more. Kristy Cox is the new voice in Australian bluegrass. She has been nominated for … more. Go beyond your board gaming experience with ice cold PBR! Join us for this special 4 course meal with optional wine pairing to celebrate Day of the Dead. A more fine-dining style menu, this will feature … more.

    Evidence … more. In this 2-day workshop you will spend the first day making your own sketchbook with bookbinder Chad Alice Hagen. On the second day, watercolor artist … more. The word centroid is a mathematical term, specifically geometric. The centroid of a triangle is the intersecting point of the three angles equidistant … more. Asheville super-group, Dirty Logic brings you the music of Steely Dan.

    Halloween is coming- This year we will be doing a costume contest! We have 3 awesome prizes to give out to the best costume. The judges and prizes … more. Come get spooked for the entire … more. Acoustic Thursday! Live Music - no cover charge! Halloween night at Haiku I Do! Two dance floors powered up by some of … more. Jeff Black commands a powerful stage presence, his soul-driven live performances traversing the clay dust roads from acoustic classics to contemporary … more. The self-guided walking tour takes you through the art district … more. Take a classical composition as canvas, analyze its structure and theme, surround it with musical associations, brilliant, outstanding ideas and while … more.

    Nella — Friday, November 1, at 8 p. Venezuelan singer Nella entrances entire audiences with her soulful, Spanish vocals and dazzling onstage … more. Come to the Boiler Room and laugh at some of the funniest local comedians in the area. A funny night out, perfect date night and all for the low low … more. Flutist Kate Steinbeck and guitarist Amy Brucksch will play music and speak about … more. Sausages, beer, great sides, and music are all in store. Stay tuned for more … more. Chris Trapper has traveled the world over, performing to a dedicated and ever growing fan base with nothing but his guitar and his songs.

    Seated … more. The best camera is the camera you have with you, so why not learn how to use your iPhone camera better? Join Lynne Buchanan for this half-day class … more. Ashli Rose Bales is your afternoon entertainment at Conundrum! Dark Side Of The Dead is a hybrid show … more. Join us for a night of musical entertainment featuring finger-style blues, jazz, and country.

    Pulling from a lifetime … more. Swan Lake, which has mesmerized audiences for over a century, is based on a German fairy tale. Passengers will enjoy a full service All-Adult First Class ride in our First Class cars with a private attendant and plush, well-appointed dining … more. Timber is the greatest comedy fan in all of Asheville but he has farted through one too many shows!

    Klezmer, prog metal, salsa, hip hop, and many more styles mingle in Identikit's laboratory. Fusion without the jazz, prog without the pomp. How many highly successful musical artists do you know that have thrived for 20 years without a radio hit, a big budget video, or major label backing? Plants inside our home add a gardening feel and an interior landscape to our living space. If you enjoy growing plants indoors or are just trying to … more.

    Seated Lounge … more.

    Stuntman -- The Adventures Of Mr Patrick

    The beauty of Autumn in the mountains can be amazing, especially when captured as Abstract photographs. The colors and light, with other features, mix … more. Duration: 3 hours: 2. More than a century ago, George Vanderbilt chose the holiday season as the time to unveil his new … more. Music, laughter, sacred and profane. A little bit of everything. Not to be missed. Main Hall Seated … more. Rod Picott has garnered a cult audience across the U. He tours tirelessly and continues to garner rave reviews for both his songwriting … more. Guitarist Jimmy Herring is no stranger to adventurous new environs: The North Carolina native has fearlessly honed his now-formidable technique via … more.

    Sofiya is a writer and comedian who grew up in Odessa, Ukraine, and moved to Los Angeles at the age of In celebration of its 20th season, Pan Harmonia commissioned composer Dosia McKay to create an innovative work for voice, flute, bassoon and guitar … more. As authentic as it … more. Join us for a night of provocative theatre in an intimate, black box setting. In a poignant play surrounding the difficult topics of racism and … more. You can … more. Appalachia is home of the finest wineries and vineyards.

    Using local wine in this class, we will utilize different varieties of wine to make a variety … more. Join Ra Ma in honor of the Full Taurus Moon conjunct the asteroid goddess Vesta of Devotion for an evening of astrology, kundalini meditation and a … more. For this grand opening celebration, guests will enjoy an exclusive preview of the building and its inaugural exhibitions before the Museum opens to … more. If you're tired of scouring the internet for information of lightweight backpacking gear and would rather learn on the trail, this trip is for you!

    Make plans now to attend this … more. Over a dozen … more. Let your illustration skills run wild with your illustration of Myths and Legends. Delve into beautiful pastels, great for beginners and up. Bring in objects personal and meaningful to … more. Big K. But the Meridian, Mississippi … more. She has been featured on Funny or … more. Asheville Event List Check out our full list of Asheville area events. Surrounded by lush green vegetation, … more Buy Tickets. This October - November we are adding a leaf pendant option to our minute make your own flame … more Buy Tickets.

    Come join in the fun with stories and songs, then make a … more Details Add to Trip Planner. She also set a record as the youngest … more Buy Tickets. Compassionate Community Party! We will start with a brief introduction of what enamel is … more Buy Tickets. Upland Drive is a provocative and edgy Asheville-based band with an inspired take on a … more Buy Tickets. He grew up outside of Boston, … more Buy Tickets.

    You'll learn to sift and stencil with enamel and leave with a … more Buy Tickets. Come join in the fun with stories and songs, then make a … more Buy Tickets. Bringing a unique mix of original, dynamic choreography to the stage, BalletX was … more Buy Tickets. We will begin the evening … more Buy Tickets. And take a chill journey into the night on the Ghost … more Buy Tickets.

    We will harness the cosmic energies that are … more Buy Tickets. Five … more Buy Tickets. Loosen Up and Paint The Landscape!

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    This class aims to pull you out of the weeds and focus on the big picture to make … more Details Add to Trip Planner View on Map. Experiencing a transformational art process … more Buy Tickets. The three-day show is … more Buy Tickets. I will guide you … more Buy Tickets.

    Using files, hammers and fire, we will transform silver wire into a stack of three rings with the texture of your … more Buy Tickets. A … more Buy Tickets. Join us as we pull the corks on some elite, highly … more Details Add to Trip Planner. They … more Buy Tickets. T-shirt pick up will … more Buy Tickets.

    Delicious and simple, Italian food is all … more Buy Tickets. Your family will … more Buy Tickets. Enjoy wonderful food and beautiful handmade … more Details Add to Trip Planner. Unplug, unwind, and take a moment away from the busyness of life to breathe in breathtaking vistas as the … more Buy Tickets. Weaver Boulevard , Asheville , NC Merrill Gilfillan, longtime birder, poet, and nature writer, will lead an easy morning bird walk in the Gardens.

    Norlex got his … more Buy Tickets. We will learn how to make buckwheat crepes … more Buy Tickets. He has the perfect boyfriend, a stellar best friend, and an acceptance … more Details Add to Trip Planner View on Map. There will be … more Buy Tickets. You'll have the … more Buy Tickets.

    Queen Bee and the Honeylovers is an upbeat, nostalgic dance band … more Buy Tickets. Come enjoy an evening of deep and thoughtful lyrics mixed with beautiful … more Buy Tickets. Filling both the concourse and arena … more Buy Tickets. Isis Lawn Series with Fwuit! The group consists of members of other local bands, … more Buy Tickets. A regular at clubs and colleges across the country he has opened for … more Buy Tickets. Nationally renowned theatre producer … more Details Add to Trip Planner. Produced by Emery … more Buy Tickets. Whole Hog Butchery 2. We do highly recommend that you … more Buy Tickets.

    Followed by a Hilarious comedy show headlined by Moira … more Buy Tickets. They may be various reasons and causes for the inflammation, but before … more Buy Tickets.